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an assured breeder of welsh springer spaniels in western canada

Shore n Cliff Dog Breeders are a responsible dog breeder of Welsh Springer Spaniels in Alberta. Our stock of Welsh Springer Spaniels were selected from some of the finest stock in America. Our dogs are raised inside a heated building and we begin to teach our puppies paper-training at 3 weeks old - which makes the breeder-to-new-home transition much simpler. We produce only a couple of litters each year, as the emphasis for our breeding stock of Spaniels is on health and happiness.

Puppies Arriving

Tilly has been bred, by Gunner, and will be having puppies the end of February 2022 Sign Up


The breeding stock of the male stud and both females of Welsh Springer Spaniels at Shore n Cliff Dog Breeders are well-kept and maintained in Innisfail, Alberta. The females are each bred just once per year as it is important for the mothers to recover back to full health before producing a litter - which can be both exhausting and strenuous to the animals. Our Springer Spaniels are fed only the highest quality of dog food and are excerised (ran) twice daily. The dogs live on a large farm in Alberta that has an invisible fence (to protect them from coyotes) and are free to run, play and enjoy their days. As a result the litters of puppies produced at Shore n Cliff Breeders are bred by healthy, happy stock.

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