a collection of stories

As people who love Welsh Springer Spaniel dogs as well as the new friends and contacts that Dog Breeding brings with it, we thought we would include as many stories as possible from the people who have bought puppies from Shore n Cliff Dog Breeders.

We think that over time, the collection of stories we include will help to shape the true temperment and personalities of the Welsh Springer Spaniel dog.

Hi Nola

Apollo is so sweet. This is the latest photo I have of him.

He looks small but he weighed 39.9 lbs at that time and he is 42 lbs now. Will take more so you see his whole body. He actually looks more like his Mom I think. One of the gals who gives obedience classes said that he is so well adjusted and that she can’t understand why there aren’t more of that breed since they are such a perfect size and great disposition....

It was fun to meet Margo and Peter and they had lots of chance to sit and just enjoy Apollo. We chatted quite a bit and I let them know that he has as much energy as required. He definitely requires exercise. He goes to doggy daycare 4 days a week so has lots of play time and socialization. He keeps up with the most energetic of the dogs.

I also heard you have a couple more dogs.... Sounds terrific.

Hi Nola

Just a quick note, again, to Thank Bruce and Nola for the wonderful pet we have in Piper. She has settled into our home life like a charm. We have two older dogs, that we introduced her to, and they have become fast friends. This breed is extremely loving, and eager to please.. All we have to say to her is good girl and she responds in a wonderful way, Just the same if we reprimand her, just a firm no, and she wants to please you so bad, that she corrects herself shortly! She was house broken in a couple of days,sleeps soundly through the night in her kennel. I am so looking forward to spring, if it ever arrives,,, to have her out and about learning and seeing all the new things. A wonderful breed for a family pet, can't say enough!

Laurie - Saskatchewan

Hi Nola and Bruce, As you can see Gemma is settling in quite well. We are working on the bell training and as you can see from one of the pics it is a work in progress. She is so smart, our daughter has dubbed herself the trainer, and is determined to catch her up to the tricks of our last dog.

Sherry - Cochrane, Alberta

Hi Bruce and Nola, I wanted to send this sooner but life with two kids and a puppy is busy! In a great way:)

We decided to keep his name as Charlie. Our daughter wanted it as her favourite story is about a puppy named Charlie. He looks just like a Charlie so we decided it was silly to name him anything else.

He is a sweet heart and is amazing with the girls. My youngest hand-feeds him his food and he takes it so gently from her. Here is a photo from a few minutes ago.

Lisa - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Penny found a toy in the closet yesterday for the dogs and Penny ran around doing donuts with it for about 2 hours yesterday! Definitely a good find!!!! Penny is now 9 months old and was from Reba's litter.

Jenn - Lethbridge