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Springer Spaniel Dog Running in Snow

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About Us

Shore n Cliff Dog Breeders are responsible dog breeders and an assured breeder of Welsh Springer Spaniel dogs in Western Canada. We're located in Innisfail, Alberta.

Bruce and Nola Stigings have been raising dogs for over 40 years and decided to raise and breed purebred Welsh Springer Spaniels in 2009. Since that time they have bought and sold some of the highest-quality stock of Welsh Springer Spaniel dogs from across North America. There are a limited number of animals bred each year, if you're interested in owning a Welsh Springer Spaniel it is advised to get your name on a waiting list to avoid disappointment. Simply fill out a form on our contact page for more information about owning a purebred Welsh Springer Spaniel dog.

Our Story

Our breeding dogs (and their puppies) enjoy a very comfortable life on our farm where we live and breed our Welsh Springer Spaniels. We have had many dogs over the years including our loving Blue Heeler. We decided that as we go forward in life we wanted to do something together as a couple and to do something that involved our shared love of animals. We reached a conclusion to breed dogs.

After much research on many different types of dog breeds we chose the Welsh Springer Spaniels for a few different reasons:

  • The dogs are beautiful both in colour and in their nature
  • The Welsh Springer Spaniels are less hyper and more sensitive compared to the English Springer Spaniel
  • The Welsh Springer Spaniel breed is still somewhat uncommon in North America, particularly out west where we live
  • Welsh Springer Spaniel dogs are fun-loving
  • Welshies are most happy when they please their owners and make for loyal companions
  • The dogs are friendly with and among children
  • Welsh Springer Spaniels can make for a good show dog or working dog
  • They excel in training and learning new commands

It is for all these reasons and more that we decided to breed the Welsh Springer Spaniels. Finding a quality male and female(s) to breed was not so easy. We ended up traveling to the U.S. to find the dogs we now use for breeding. The first litter produced a tremendous group of puppies who all found great homes and we still stay in contact with most of the families who bought a puppy from us. In fact have a look around the website to read about some of the happy owners who decided to buy a Welsh Springer Spaniel from our kennel.

Nola and Bruce Stigings with Ginger
Nola and Bruce Stigings with Ginger

We want the best for our puppies so we recommend you read more about the breed to make sure you will be truly happy and content with the Welsh Springer Spaniel breed should you choose to buy from us.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy at any time, to any person, at our sole discretion.

Springer Spaniel Dog Running in Snow

More Information

The animals at Shore n Cliff in Alberta are Welsh Springer Spaniels (of the Gun Dog Family) and are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club.

We follow the rules according to the Canadian Kennel Club.

Our dogs are featured as the Welsh Springer Spaniel breed on canadogs.com and are also seen on albertadogs.com. Our puppies can be seen on the puppy list of the Canadian Kennel Club.