Choosing Welsh Springer Spaniels for a pet

Springer Spaniel Dogs

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Welsh Springer Spaniel Dogs as Companions

If you’re looking for a medium-sized dog and have the time to exercise and play with the animal a Welsh Springer Spaniel may be for you. A well-matched owner of a Welsh Springer Spaniel should be somewhat of an active person in order to maintain the dog’s health as it is a working/hunting dog that needs to be active outside for optimal health and happiness.

Three Welsh Springer Spaniel Dogs
Welsh Springer Spaniels can make for a wonderful pet and family member

A Springer Spaniel also needs to be groomed frequently in order to maintain its coat including the top of their feet and between the pads of their feet. This breed is good with children and is devoted to all family members. The Welsh Springer Spaniel responds well to training but not with physical punishment or loud harsh commands.

Because they can suffer from separation anxiety as they are loyal to their pack members they require lots of socialization and should not be left alone for long extended periods of time.

These dogs can make for a wonderful pet and family member addition if you have the (above) mentioned attributes for a responsible Welsh Springer Spaniel owner.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Breed Characteristics

  • Size - Medium
  • Description - Chestnut red & white colour, medium soft coat, long, wide pendant ears
  • Group - Gun Dog and AKC Sporting Dog
  • Temperament - Even tempered, gentle sociable dogs
  • Height/Weight - Males 19"-21" (48-56cm), 45-55lbs (20-25kg)
    Females 18"-20" (46-51cm), 40-50lbs (18-23kg)
  • Living Conditions - Active dogs that need excercise, love to run outside
  • Lifespan - 12-15 years
  • History - Bred to hunt, flush game (14th Century)