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very adaptable to its surroundings and can live comfortably in apartments

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a Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is rich chestnut red and white in colour – differing from its close relative the English Springer Spaniel which is a much darker brown with patches of white. The dog is slightly longer than it is tall, it is muscular despite being compact and it is very brawny yet athletic. The dogs have straight, thick flat coat of hair which is soft (not wiry) and it is weatherproof which provides protection from bushes, thorns and fluctuating temperatures. The Welsh Springer Spaniel can easily handle hot and cold weather - even a cold Canadian winter although they do tend to seek shelter when temperatures dip below -20c.

The dog's coat does shed but would be considered an average shedding dog compared to other breeds. The tail, the ears and the underside feature feathering of hair soft to the touch. Typical of spaniels the ears appear as drooped pedants and the eyes are round and dark with a dark brown nose.

Male Welsh Springer Spaniels are 19 inches in height and the females are slightly smaller at 18 inches and typically the dogs will weigh between 16-20kg.

Recommended Diet

We recommend high-quality dog food for your Welsh Springer Spaniel dog. Quality pet food will reduce the chance of obesity, improve muscle development while giving your animal more energy. Our dogs are thriving after adding raw food to their diet and we recommend products from Cornerstone Meat & Bone.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Breed Characteristics

  • Size - Medium
  • Description - Chestnut red & white colour, medium soft coat, long, wide pendant ears
  • Group - Gun Dog and AKC Sporting Dog
  • Temperament - Even tempered, gentle sociable dogs
  • Height/Weight - Males 19"-21" (48-56cm), 45-55lbs (20-25kg)
    Females 18"-20" (46-51cm), 40-50lbs (18-23kg)
  • Living Conditions - Active dogs that need excercise, love to run outside
  • Lifespan - 12-15 years
  • History - Bred to hunt, flush game (14th Century)


The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a cousin of the English Springer Spaniel. Although more calm in demeanour than its English cousin and easier-going in nature, the dog still requires plenty of excercise and it loves to hunt for birds. Welsh Springer Spaniels were first brought to North America in the late 1800’s. The breed was thought to be non-existent in America after World War II but was revived through breeding and particularly after the founding of the Welsh Springer parent club in 1961. Even today, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is not nearly as common as the English Springer Spaniel.

a Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog Standing Beside Game Birds
Welshies enduring stamina and ability to work in most weather climates, it has thrived as a hunting dog

The Welsh Springer Spaniel has been known to exist as far back as the 14th Century and was originally bred to flush game from fields during hunts. Because of the dog’s enduring stamina and its ability to work in cold, hot or wet weather climates it thrived as a hunting dog. The dog's love being outside in Alberta in the winter - providing it doesn't get colder than -20º C at which point they tend to seek shelter.

A Welsh Springer Spaniel is also capable of being a fine animal for tracking, retrieving and somewhat as a watchdog. It's more likely to alert you that someone is approaching, and as its' nature is easy-going, it makes the animal a less effective guard dog than other breeds. It’s grouped with both Gun Group and AKC Sporting Group dog breeds.


excellent dogs for families

As one would expect of a sporting hunting dog such as a Welsh Springer Spaniel the animals love to be outside and have a particular fondness of water. This is something to be aware of when walking with the dog in wintertime.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog
Welshies are very adaptable and accommodating, characteristics for an excellent family pet

Welsh Springer Spaniels make for a great family pet, as the dogs are very intelligent, friendly, quick to learn and willing to please. Welsh Springer Spaniels are very adaptable and accommodating which is another characteristic which makes for an excellent family pet as it gets along well with both children and other animals. In fact, at Shore n Cliff Breeders where we breed our Welsh Springer Spaniels, we have another breed of dog and a half dozen cats, all of whom get along with the dogs. Keep in mind that Welsh Springer Spaniels are natural fowl hunters, and as such, should not be trusted around birds.

The dog has lots of stamina and can be quite graceful when running at full speed. Welsh Springer Spaniels are very smart but it must be said they can become easily bored when left alone for long periods of time and will tend to display their mischievous side, although, that could be said of most breeds of dogs.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Facts

Because the Welsh Springer Spaniel was originally bred as a hunting dog, it should come as no surprise that the dog has plenty of endurance and is capable of working or playing outside for long periods of time. You will most likely see their hunting genetic qualities during long walks. It is with this in mind that it’s best to keep the animals contained in a fenced yard as they have a tendency to follow their nose and wander with indifference to their surroundings.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog
Welsh Springer Spaniels have the ability to calm down quickly

Differing from similar energetic breeds, the Welsh Springer Spaniel has the ability to calm down quickly and will happily settle in quietly amongst family members once inside the home – it is one of their most enduring qualities as a family pet when compared to other hunting dogs.

A Welsh Springer Spaniel is very adaptable to its surroundings and providing it is exercised (almost daily) the dogs will have an excellent temperament. We do recommend a medium-sized yard as these animals love the outdoors.


Dog Hunting with Owners

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a very intelligent dog and takes to training fairly quickly and easily using modern and compassionate training techniques. As is the case with all dogs the training should be done consistently and with a fair discipline approach. Because this dog has been bred for hunting, they have a natural ability to please their owners and stay focused on task for long periods of time.

When training it should be noted Welsh Springer Spaniels don’t respond well to severe discipline including yelling and physical punishment.